Insecurities: Insecurities and your relationships

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Insecurities are something we have because of our self or even because of others. Trust even plays a big part in this. See link for my blog post on trust: (Link number 1:D )

I have another link, please click this link to view the previous part of this post about your insecurities:(Link number 2:D)

Insecurities in a relationship can cause problems. Looking back at the beginning of the relationship I’m in now, things were awkward. For one thing, I DID trust my Special Someone, but I just didn’t know why he was here, what he wanted and whether I was even good enough for anyone. I was a shy, awkward and quiet girl, things had changed slightly but certain parts of shyness and awkwardness still existed. There was lots of things I wasn’t happy about and being in a relationship highlighted those things. My insecurities existed so issues within the relationship existed too. I felt that things were going wrong because of me, tears, anger and cutting off phone calls were amongst all the fun and romantic times within the honeymoon stage of our relationship.

When it comes to relationships there really shouldn’t be any insecurities. You  should have learnt to Love yourself, moved on from previous relationships, been single for a while etc. Please click link to see my blog post on being ready for a relationship: (Link number 3:D) 

Once you are ready for a relationship things will be a bit better (note the words a bit better, it does not mean there won’t ever be issues in your relationship) When you are constantly putting yourself down and telling the person you are with that they shouldn’t be with you and that they deserve someone better and that person has to constantly reassure you, that you are wonderful and that they Love you loads and won’t want anyone else, well… eventually they will get fed up and want out. Never put yourself down in front of a potential life partner/boyfriend/girlfriend you won’t be winning any brownie points, know your worth. Imagine if you were the one constantly reassuring and the other person was being all awkward. You will do you best I’m sure but you will hate it eventually. How can you Love someone who doesn’t even like themselves. Take note and be good to yourself, your partner/boyfriend/girlfriend is lucky to have you, make them know it but without being big headed, it’s not attractive! ;0)

Confidence is something a lot of people should have but a lot of people lack. The only way to get through it is to fake it. Fake it that it becomes real. Believe in yourself and your abilities and that when it comes to relationships there are no doubts that your partner has chosen to be with you.

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