Hey Hey!! 😀

Jealous? Really? Oh dear!

Well what can I say, I don’t think I have ever been jealous, well except of the Furry Princess of all people ;0)

My experience of being jealous is abit silly but I will tell you anyway:-P Basically me and my Special Someone don’t live together and our Furry Princess lives with him. I was jealous that she could be with him all the time, they would see each other in the morning and cuddle in the evening (on the sofa, she isn’t allowed in the bedroom)So silly! She is our pet and I Love her to bits now and the jealousy is gone. Imagine that! Jealous of a dog!

The type of jealousy I am talking about is the one which includes Really like/Love relationships. Just started a new relationship and found out the person is best friends with their ex? Been out together and caught them looking at someone else? Well what i’m going to say next may or may not shock you but when you are feeling jealous don’t act on it! Don’t let yourself get upset or angry.

First things first, whatever happens keep it together. Next thing, think about the situation and what exactly is happening and if you should worry about it. After that let it go:-) Lastly, (?!) if it or something simular happens again and you are still feeling awkward and really don’t feel comfortable, well, now is the time to speak up and be honest. But (!!!!) be calm and let them know you have tried to deal with it, as you don’t want to be jealous, as you trust them and don’t want these feelings to ruin what you both have. Hopefully with some understanding and communication you can work something out:-).

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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