Insecurities: You and Your Insecurities

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I’m deciding to talk about two parts of insecurities. The first part is about your insecurities which I will talk about now and the second will be about your insecurities and your relationships.(in another blog post :D)

Learn to Love

Feeling insecure can start with you. What do you think of yourself? Do you like yourself? Do you feel confident and happy with your body? Sometimes we need to learn how to Love ourselves to lessen the negative thoughts and the insecurities. Starting with a list of things you like about you. Everyday write one thing you like, it can be anything. Keep going! I challenge you to get to 100:-D

Make the bad look good

I’m sure everyone has good qualities and things they should feel proud of so making sure you aren’t blind to them is the first step. The next step is to look at what you aren’t happy about, the things that make you feel insecure. Is it parts of your body? If so learn to embrace what you are, if you can’t, then try and do something to make you more confident and happier. If you think you can’t wear certain clothes because of your body shape, type etc. then I would suggest doing some research. In this day an age there is no piece of clothing that will reject you, you just need to find the right style to enhance your best features and hide what you think is your worst. If you are flat chested, with the right top you won’t even be able to tell you are or if you think your tummy sticks out the correct dress will make it look like you are “perfectly shaped” It is also the same with your facial features, even if you think your nose looks too big or you think you are too pale you can use makeup to enhance your best features(don’t just cake it on, that won’t look good and will make you feel more self conscious) Never ever do anything extreme to yourself if you are unhappy, surgery is not the answer.

Insecurities can also be from your personality itself. You could be a shy person lacking confidence in yourself or you could feel that you don’t belong in certain social situations. Whatever the insecurities are make sure that you don’t let them take over. These insecurities don’t own you, you own you. Do your best to overcome them. Look at life and tell yourself, this is the only life you are going to have and you will need to make the most of it. Missed opportunities will make you feel full of regret and you don’t want to regret not doing something because you lacked confidence. Personalities can’t be changed, there are some parts that will always be a part of you but you can change small things about you little by little. Do something a little out of the ordinary. Take your time but definitely take a step forward in building your confidence.

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