Third Wheel…

Hey Hey!! 😀

At some point in life you will find out what this is (if you don’t already!;-)) and (the worse part!) experience it too!

For this subject I have both an experience myself aswell as other peoples. Lets start off with my experience. To be honest there isn’t many. One couple (lets call them couple number one) it was awkward with, was when they had all these little inside jokes, mutual understandings and “little things” together it was enough to wonder why you were hanging out with couple in the first place when you are clearly the odd one out. They’d been together awhile, shared pets, lived together and had mutual friends, if all that isn’t third wheel enough how about sitting in the backseat of their car while they are holding hands in the front talking about all the above.

Couple number two, were again strange. Especially as one half of the couple kept asking questions about my being in a relationship and my culture. This couple did hold hands and walk together leaving me to walk alone behind. The odd thing was, even though I was the third wheel, I did get most of the attention from one half of the couple. The half I didn’t know and was meeting first time.

Now for the people I know experience. One person I knew, spent a good three years going on pretty much all the dates this couple had, simply because they couldn’t go out with out her being there :-/ I could never understand why, but one thing I definitely could understand was that she hated it. She even tried to run off half way through dates, only to have the couple call her a million times and try to get her to come back.

Being a third wheel could mean lots of things, but one thing I can be sure of is that I would never make anyone else be one. After all if it’s me and my Special Someone together, I wouldn’t really want anyone else to be there 😉

Share Your Thoughts!:-D

X x x


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