Double Dates

Hey Hey!! 😀

At some point in your relationship you will end up doing one of these!!!! 😮

Looking back 5yrs (!!!) to my very first double date, I remember not being entirely ready for it. My Special Someone was with his friend and somehow they randomly decided to go out for dinner. I ended up getting a phone call saying his friends wanted to meet me and that he would come pick me up. It was a random day when I wasn’t exactly presentable, hair was greasy, hairy arms and on my period. Not the best day to be doing first impressions :0(

See link for another blog I have done on meeting with friends:

It was a rainy day but slightly warm so tried to find something to wear. Ended up with a slightly odd  outfit looking back, but it had to do as time was running out. I ran out to the car and we drove up to a local Indian restaurant where I met my Special Someone’s friend and his partner. Hands were shook and we sat down to order food. Honestly I felt awkward and unsure. I was worried that I would embarrass my Special Someone by saying or doing something silly, instead I done something a bit more odd, I didn’t say much at all. I was quiet the entire evening :O

Another double date I had was with one of my friends and her partner. It wasn’t one of the best dates I have to say. It was more awkward then the first one I had. The place we had gone for lunch was my friend’s partner’s choice and it wasn’t that great as it was very expensive (starters cost as much as what I’d pay for a main meal!!)and the choice of food was limited. As there wasn’t a lot on the menu, I ended up ordering something I didn’t like just so I wouldn’t go hungry :0( My Special Someone was involved in local politics and my friend’s partner was very interested in politics and you know what they say never talk about religion and politics, but on a nice sunny Saturday afternoon that was exactly what my friend’s partner felt was appropriate. Safe to say they didn’t get on very well. No arguments just bit of a personality clash. My Special Someone did not enjoy the day, the conversation was dominated by my friend’s partner and his girlfriend (me)had gone hungry as well as being slightly out of pocket all in one day.

Double dates are odd things, but at some point trying to meet up and go out with friends is very awkward so sometimes meeting up in couples works out better. Although be prepared for anything and everything 😀

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