Meet the Friends

Hey Hey!! 😀

Well this is one thing that happens eventually in your relationship. As soon as you start talking about your new boyfriend/girlfriend/partner everyone will want to know who they are and what they look like and will possibly be insisting on meeting them too. Be ready for it.

My first boyfriend (now my first Ex) didn’t meet any of my friends and never introduced me to any of his. But my second boyfriend (my Special Someone)had said his friends wanted to meet me, so I eventually got him to meet some of mine too. It was a big step for me to meet his friends (it was a double date) but once it was over I did ask him what he thought they would think about me and he told me it didn’t matter as he knew what he thought of me and that was all he cared about (sighs :D). We had gone to an Indian restaurant for dinner where I met his friend and his friend’s partner. They both seemed nice but scary for me and I ended up being very quiet through most of the evening, so I think my first impression wasn’t a very good one :0( I did however have several meets with them after and they were a little better. Turns out they did like me 😀 (Yay!)

When it came to meeting my friends, I had wanted him to meet my entire group but I didn’t want my Special Someone to feel overwhelmed so had tried to get him to meet two at a time(that way my friends don’t feel like a third wheel- I’m thoughtful like that :D). He only met two from the group as the others weren’t too sure about meeting him. I think again I had a bit of a quiet thing happening as again, I didn’t say much (I don’t do too well in groups for some reason- think it was the fact that I was introducing one world to another :O ) After meeting my friends with my Special Someone, we went separate ways and I did get texts from my friends telling me they liked him (his laugh in particular – he sounds exactly like this “he he he”) and could tell that he really Loved me.

There were other meets with other friends, his and mine which were random meets as well as planned ones. Each one went as well as it could have done and that is what matters.

With friends sometimes they may want to seek out your other half to see whether they are right for you. Yes they maybe judgemental, depending, but be ready to not be blinded by your Love and also remember that your friends do care for you (also remember not to let your friends take over your relationship as you know your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner better then they do, so be careful of not trusting the one you are with) 😀

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