Love at first sight

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“Love at first sight” is a romantic, possible fantasy myth which is used a lot in films and books. As for real life, I wouldn’t say it exists all that much or even at all, as when you meet someone for the first time you don’t know them, (obviously!;-)) so what ever first impression you are seeing? Is it possible to Love on that alone? What could you be seeing or experiencing to have such a strong feeling so quickly?

When I first met my Special Someone face to face I felt some sort of connection but I don’t think I was attracted to him in “that” way. I think I just viewed him as a friend at the time. However I did feel something, the first time we hugged (on the day we first met)I felt what I’m just going to call a “spark”. It wasn’t Love I’m pretty sure, it’s nothing like what I feel now, it was different. It told me he would be with me for always and  that he will put my happiness first. I think it was more of a support sort of feeling. Surreal right? It was nice though and comforting or maybe it was just the feel of his arms wrapped around me ;0)

Love at first sight is something I’m sure we have always viewed with wide dreamy eyes. Sitting in front of the T.V or with a book and wanting nothing more then to trade places with the heroine and experience what was described and shown, but I think it’s just amusement/entertainment, to show you dreams and romance but I think this is one thing that is a Love myth. Love is meant to be encouraged, it’s meant to blossom from a friendship you both share and that’s what I think is the beautiful part. Knowing someone well enough faults and all and truly Loving that person. In my view Love at first sight is more of a crush.

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4 thoughts on “Love at first sight

  1. Ah, smileys 😀
    Well of course love at first sight exists, and yeah it can be “more of a crush”, but it’s the same thing, you know what I mean c: People won’t go saying “slight physical attraction and romantic interest at first sight”, nonono :3


    • Lol Yes smileys :D:D
      Well I think crushes are similar to infatuation, so maybe in that way it is similar to “Love at first sight” depending. The word Love used in “Love at first sight” has a different meaning to Love alone if that makes sense. It is more deep and meaningful then a romantic it was “Love at first sight”. Although I do think that “Love at first sight” is nice idea I just don’t think we will all be lucky enough to experience it.


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