Love is more then surface deep

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WARNING: This may contain lots of quotation marks 😀

Appearances are one of those strange things that everybody views differently but in some way they all view it the same.

Do you remember watching those films, where there is a boy or girl who has a crush on someone and brings up the courage to tell the person, that they like them? But do you remember what happened after? The person they liked, rejected and insulted them, because they were “ugly” and they told them that they shouldn’t even think of being with someone like them. It makes you think doesn’t it? How one person feels that because they are “good looking” they are pretty much “God” and everyone who is not “attractive” can’t even look at them and are pretty much beneath them.  

Looks are only skin deep and sometimes we forget that what’s on the inside counts more, what is in that person’s heart and mind, not what’s on their skin. Taking care of your appearance is a good thing, but what people don’t remember, is that looks don’t last. Love isn’t about looks. If you have the most “beautiful” wife or the most “handsome” husband it doesn’t mean your Love is greater or that you will have the best Love story it doesn’t have any connection to Love in that way.

When it comes to dating, what would you look for? Would you just check the profile pics on a dating website? See who is getting the most attention at work/college/school? or would you actually read their profile and speak to the person with the attention? Sometimes we get so caught up in the “Love at first sight” (we will definitely talk about this more) fantasy type of stuff that we forget, that the person has a brain and a mouth which will reveal a whole different thing to what they look like alone. Love is a deep connection through the heart and mind, through common interest and being on the same wave length as someone, it will make you feel like this person could be the one, your soul mate, not just someone who will be your “arm candy”.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way, which sometimes has nothing to do with their outside looks  and i’m sure if you look hard enough you will see it too :0)

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