Compromise to the Middle

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Compromise. Well what can I say, it sounds so simple and sometimes it is. It’s just odd how you never think about it in the first place, when things get awkward and I don’t mean when you both want two different things for lunch and are reduced to coin tossing, but still aren’t happy (most likely me 0:))

Looking at past conversations, how things can get awkward and possibly be “going down hill” (as my Special Someone would call it) we always seem to deal with reactions and emotions first. Most reactions are to get upset, get off the phone (if we are having an awkward phone call) , get annoyed and leaving. Not exactly good stuff but it does happen and it can happen with lots of people.

One thing I have definitely noticed is that we start off by not directly telling each other how we feel about something at the time it happens or at the time of discussion and I think that may be the problem. A recent event started and ended quite quickly as we talked it through. It was one of the best conversations we have had. We talked it out in a simple question answer way or tell them in a way that does NOT offend in ANY way (if you do feel upset then tell them straight away and solve it, they will be understanding or if you have accidently hurt them then be understanding ;0))

“do you know when you say that it hurts….?”

“I’m sorry but sometimes you…. ”

“do you not like this..?”

“maybe if we try this…?

Anything like the above sort of sentence sounds about right. Straight to the point and very direct, as well as being gentle and nice 😀 

Just say what you mean and come to an agreement on what you both do and don’t like within a situation and you’ll be ok.

Source: Uploaded to Flickr by brett jordan and tagged with “gillkayo”. License: Creative Commons Attribution.

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