Anniversary: Bigger, Better and more Special

Hi Hi!! 😀

Anniversaries always seem like one of those occasions that you feel like you need to top every year. It’s like a competition with yourself. “I need to find something really good” “It has to be better then last year” “I want to give something really special because I Love them So Much!”;-)

Me and my Special Someone have always tried to get a special gift for each other and make the day as nice as possible but as the years have gone by it has become alot harder. As we used all our special ideas on previous anniversaries, we our now realising there is a shortage of ideas for the future occasions. We are still trying to make an effort in getting something and having a meal but I think we are feeling that memories count more.

When it comes to gifts don’t worry about going all out. Trying to get a bigger or more expensive present may be what you want to do but think about what your partner actually likes even if it’s not very big compared to last year. They maybe alot happier if you got something ordinary and made it just that more special e.g. buying dinner at their favourite place to eat but having the VIP experience with out the other customers or even buying a film they like but getting the special edition on DVD or Blueray. Save your expensive stuff for milestone anniversaries. The ideas will come in handy for those 😉

On the day sometimes we feel like need to do so many things, sometimes I still feel we need to now but really we don’t. One important thing of that day is enough, whether it is a meal together, experiencing an outdoor activity or even your gifts. It’s all special and personal to you. This years anniversary I had really wanted it to be big and I was disappointed that it didn’t turn out like I thought,but the good stuff we had,means more then anything and those moments can’t be taken away and that is what counts more.

In my opinion just because it is made a bigger deal of it doesn’t automatically mean it’s better.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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