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Well I have good news šŸ˜€ Me and my Special Someone will be celebrating our 5th Anniversary very soon šŸ˜€ Yay!! So I thought on this occassion a little talk on Anniversaries would be nice šŸ˜‰

Anniversaries mean another year of getting to know each other has passed, which hopefully means you are even closer then you were before. The Love you have for one another has increased and your relationship is in a better place šŸ˜€ I’m sure this special day plays a big part in your relationship šŸ™‚

Anniversary vs Wedding Anniversary

When it comes to any relationship, i’m sure there comes a time when one kind of relationship is said to be more important then another. Which brings me to whether or not there is any point in celebrating a relationship, without a marriage.

When I had my first anniversary with my Special Someone,he told me that he thought anniversaries were only for married couples. I had a different view though. My view was just because we weren’t married it didn’t mean we couldn’t celebrate our Love and our relationship. I think he gets it now. Any excuse to celebrate right?! (or any excuse for cake! ;0))

Lets Celebrate them all!

Something I have noticed is that Anniversaries are just that AnniversarIES! Meaning it isn’t just one day a year which would be the traditional way of counting your time together, but people also include months (monthiversary), weeks (weekaversary) and days (maybe even hours if you crazy enough and have a good memory :-P)aswell as all the ‘firsts’ but does that lose all significance of a yearly celebration?

Me and my Special Someone have celebrated Anniversaries with cards, gifts, a meal out and a day devoted to spending time together. When it comes to the others I have mentioned above, we only do the monthiversary, but we don’t do anything except text or wish each other on the phone. I think having to remember them and do something would be a teeny bit stressful although it may seem like a sweet thing to do. I think we are happy with what we got as ideas are running thin, after all, we have been together ages! šŸ˜›

Share Your Thoughts!:-D

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