You Noticed!!

Hey Hey!! 😀

I’m sure we have all seen and heard about a woman getting her hair done and asking her partner if they have noticed anything different. It’s always been used as part of comedy, as the partner never guesses correctly. How many of you can say it’s not true in real life? Well I for one can 🙂

At the beginning of any relationship I am sure you all paid special attention to every little thing your partner says and does, but if you haven’t it may be worth it to do so in future in both “old”and “new” relationships. In “old”relationships I guess you get too settled and may not think there is anything you don’t know but sometimes things change. People eventually want something different, to change something about themselves or do something and it’s important to notice these changes and be supportive and honest.

Me and my Special Someone do notice new things with each other, whether its a hair cut, clothes or even new objects we never seem to miss much. Since we started dating my Special Someone always looked at my earrings (i think half the time he was checking to see if I was wearing matching earrings and to be honest most of the time I wasn’t- yes, it was on purpose. I liked the idea of wearing two different earrings :-D)and the fact that he noticed made me feel good. Strange I know, but its true, even if I don’t know why. However I do know one reason 😀 When I started wearing nail polish and doing nail art I always listened out to what he said. If he made compliments on certain patterns or liked certain nail polish colours, I would keep it in mind to use on certain occasions, so when he notices I would feel like my effort with his likes were appreciated and well worth it.

If you made an effort to look nice or made an effort to do something special for your partner it would mean the world to you I am sure that they saw what you done and appreciated it not because it makes you feel good but because it makes them feel good:D

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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