Pet Names

Hey Hey!! 😀

Something i’ve realised is that all couples have pet names, but they are all very different. You have the sickly sweet couples (snookums, lovekins etc) and the standard couple (honey, darling etc) aswell as all the other couples inbetween.

When I was growing up having a guy (or girl if you are a boy:-) ) call you sexy or babe was considered a good thing, they have always been quite popular names to give your boyfriend/girlfriend but I have never really liked those names, as it always reminded me of the guys that just wanted to make fun and take advantage.

My Special Someone has three pet names for me. Beautiful, (he used to use it alot when we first started dating)Gorgeous (a rare random pet name, didn’t come up often) and Sweetheart (the name I get called alot these days) all of which made me feel good, special and Loved. These pet names never made me feel like I wasn’t respected or that I was just valued for what I looked like as they are used to describe both inside (personality) and out (looks)

In my opinion, pet names are either silly names to make fun of each other or they are very sweet terms of endearment, so shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Me and my Special Someone call each other ‘Banana’ or ‘Fatty’ sometimes and we just laugh it off. Relationships are meant to be special and fun, so pet names are a nice addition to that.

What sort of pet names do you give to your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner?:-D

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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