Alone on Valentines Day

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I know I normally blog once a week but I thought maybe this was an occasion to pop out another post seeing as I have time and also because this subject seems quite important during this time. 

Pretty much my entire life except the last four years I have spent Valentines day on my own. Yes i’ve said it and yes it’s normal. I’m not ashamed to admit that. Looking back my first Valentines wasn’t even a date. My friends wanted to see some random political gay movie that was coming and we ended up eating at a Japanese restaurant, being told the movie we wanted to see was full and ended up seeing a Penelope Cruz and Scarlett Johansson film instead, that we didn’t even get to see the end of, because we would miss the last train home. To make matters worse we missed the train and there was a problem with the buses. Ended up getting back home at 3am. The other Valentines days I spent with My Special Someone. To hear about a typical Valentines day of ours please click link below:

Now for the Lonely Valentines Days. Well lets just say I was really ok with it. I didn’t care that people had boyfriends or were going out on this day. Here are a few reasons why:

  1. My friends didn’t have boyfriends / girlfriends
  2. I was pretty happy on my own up to a point
  3. Going out on this day would make my parents suspicious anyway
  4. Going out on this day means prices are doubled or at least cost more then on a regular day
  5. Everyone probably has the same idea so wherever you go there will be long lines and full restaurants (have to make reservations so need to know what you want before hand)

Those are all the reasons I can think of now. Valentines Day on my own was never a big deal if I just stayed at home and got on with my own thing. it’s easy when you are away from the loved up couples.

Being single doesn’t have to be a bad thing on this day if you just learn to Love yourself. Yeah you might think its sad to spend this day on your own especially since it is Saturday and a lot of people will… be free… to go out :S Just think that this day is for you on your own to do whatever you want. Want to spend all day watching movies, doing an at home spa, keeping up with your hobbies and any housework/home work etc. then do it. You are a strong single beautiful person and the fact that you are on your own shouldn’t change your worth so show a little Love… for yourself!:D

If you really feel like you want to do something then go out with your family or your friends or even spend the day at home with them. This day is about sharing the Love to the people who mean the most to you, not just a day for couples. It is not sad or lame or anything else you might think it is, it’s a nice thing. It doesn’t even have to be the entire day, just spend a few hours. Make the most of the day seeing as how its the weekend.

This day is once a year and you can get by it without a date. If you don’t have one then don’t worry. Don’t make yourself desperate and pick up a last minute date with someone you have never thought even once about and probably don’t even like that much. It won’t make things better. Learn to be happy on your own especially days like this. The confidence in yourself will increase. Embrace your single life. 

Happy Love Yourself Day! 😉


Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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