What does Valentines mean to you?

Hey Hey!! šŸ˜€

Well it’s that time again. A dozen red roses, giant teddys with red bows and heart shaped chocolate boxes all for the one day to tell someone you Love them.

Alot of people have very different views on what this day means to them. You have the couples investing in expensive gifts and making a big show of their Love, there are couples who view it as card companies making money and take no interest in the day and then you got the people in the middle couple who don’t believe in celebrating their Love once a year but take a small part by having dinner and exchanging cards. Which couple are you?

Me and my Special Someone are a mixture of not really interested and taking a small part in Valentines day. A typical Valentines for us for the past four years we have celebrated, have never been on the 14th. I have always liked the idea of having our own day, so on Valentines day we choose a day to meet up. We exchange cards and our small gifts, it’s normally chocolates or a something random but sweet. We will pick a place to eat lunch and will always have dessert, whether it’s out or something we picked up at the supermarket to have at home. The rest of the day is pretty much conversations and a cuddle up. All in all I enjoy the day, no matter how simple (any excuse to celebrate how you want;-)). I appreciate having someone who Loves me, to be able to celebrate a day like this.

As this day means different things to people, just be aware of what your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner expects, especially if you are in a new relationship. There is nothing worse then planning what you think is your perfect day to find out that your other half is unhappy. Also to the people having high expectations on this day, maybe you don’t get exactly what you want but try and appreciate any plans and gifts your other half gives you. This day is to let people know you Love them not a day to show off and brag to your friends. It’s sweet of them to do anything at all, after all its the thought that counts right?

Happy Valentines Day! I hope you cherish sweet moments with your Lover and have fun!

Share Your Thoughts! šŸ˜€

X x x

P.S Don’t forget your family and friends, this day isn’t just about couples. Spread the Love! šŸ™‚


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