Are you ashamed?

Hey Hey!! 😀

Have you ever been in a relationship or on a date where you felt a bit embarrassed by your partner or date??? 

I have! 😮

I’ve always thought that you should never feel embarassed by someone you were dating unless it’s out of shyness. It’s very strange to me to feel ashamed of your boyfriend/girlfriend/partner, it makes me wonder if you are with the right person or not because if you really liked or Loved this person, would it matter whether other people can see or hear what they are doing or saying? Would you being embarassed to be with them be normal?

Looking back I can see the embarassment was not me being judgemental or snobbish (yay!) it was because these ‘dates'(yep they were just dates, not relationships. Made the right decision to not make it go any further;-)) weren’t for me. They were wrong, I couldn’t enjoy their company, laugh at their jokes or anything because we didn’t click even alittle bit and it makes things awkward :-(But you know what? This is normal. Normal ‘dating’ stuff.

If you are in a commited/exclusive etc relationship then this being ashamed thing is not normal i’m afraid. Unless you are shy:-P being shy even after having been together for many years is still ok 😉

After the ‘just dating’ stage, you would think, to be in an exclusive relationship, you would be comfortable enough with who you are with to accept them fully like they have you. If you are having to let go of their hand, tell them to be quiet and move yourself away from them (while pretending to not know them) with out laughing with them then you clearly got a case of embarassment. Not good 😦

In my head, behaviour like the above could be result of three things, you really are just shy and easily embarassed, you are with the wrong person or the worst of all you care too much about what other people think and how they might judge your relationship.

I have said above that I have experienced awkward dates, but at the start of my current relationship I was a bit embarassed. From what I remember it was a mix of me being very shy and worrying about what others thought 😦 Within the first year I realised that worrying about people judging our relationship was stopping me from being happy. Going out together when we held hands I would casually let go and rummage in my bag when people were around. It’s not good, but i’m happier. Me and my Special Someone can talk bout what we want and do what we want and we don’t care who sees. We are happy and comfortable and the only embarassment we have is the one we can laugh about.

Never let anyone ruin what you’ve got!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x

P.S If your boyfriend can put up with you, surely you can do the same for them:-P


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