Bucket List

Hey Hey!! 😀

Bucket lists have been made all over the world and they are mostly made to experience life worth experiences before death comes.

Even though it originates from “kicking the bucket” people do make these bucket lists before other milestones in their lives, such as 30th birthdays, marriage and even before having kids but whatever it is, it is always a fun idea to have goals to achieve and look forward to.

Being in a relationship can have it’s milestones too and I think creating a bucket list for the both of you would be a nice idea. You can both sit down and think of all the things you would like to do or experience together and the best part is, that you will actually make the effort to do these things as you want to achieve them before the time runs out.

Me and my Special Someone have thought about making one and I think we will for this year, maybe before we hit our big birthdays or just for the fun of it try and get through our list as quick as possible. I really think that having something on paper rather then having those talks where you never get round to actually doing those things will be better. I think as a couple as the time goes by you just feel more relaxed and more routine-y then actually being spontaneous and romantic.

So my special request to you all reading, get your special someone, a paper and pen and write down all your wishes to make your life more interesting and fun. You might experience something you’ve never done before and have the best time of your life.   

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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