New Year Break Ups

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Sad stuff I know, but as sad and strange as it is, it does happen!:-o Well I found out it does šŸ˜¦ Good news is that it hasn’t happened to me but the bad news is it’s happened to someone I know:-(

The New Year to a lot of people means a new start, new you and new ways of thinking, but does it also mean the end of relationship? Does moving forward mean leaving people behind?

Relationships areĀ fragile things and even if there are issues in your relationship, trying to pull through by sortingĀ things out through Communication, Love, Support and Trust you can come out the otherĀ side feeling a lot better and stronger in your relationship.Ā 

For someĀ peopleĀ ending their relationship makes things easier and it being the New Year makes it seem all the more simpler. Well I guess in a way it makes sense, New Year with a new relationship or a new single life but sometimes when it all seems to make a little too much sense, it actually seems more like an act on impulse, that is encouraged by anger, stubbornness, aĀ feeling of beingĀ hurt and it being a new beginning.

More then often breaking upĀ a relationship before or after the holidays it is an act on impulseĀ and that is exactly what happened,Ā decision was made one day and then the next regretted and a stream of phone calls, messages and visits to the house begun. It is now an awkward and sad situation which can’t be changed. Confirmations were made at the time of whether it was what that person wanted and when they agreed it was, it was then too late for things to change. The decision has beenĀ made and the process of grieving and moving on had started and the last thing you want is that person to turn round and change their mind like they would choosing clothes to wear on a night out.

Just because it seems like a simpler life with out someone you are in a relationship, less drama as some would sayĀ it doesn’t mean it will make you happier. it’s one of those funny things about life, even though you get annoyed by each others habits, the nagging or even the little fights you have once that person is no longer with you, you will want them back.

Think clearly about what you want especially during this time of year otherwise you will be spending the start of the year lonely and regretful…

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