Importance of being together on New Years

Hey Hey!! 😀

Well it is officially the New Year and the start of 2015:D It’s a big deal right? New Years Eve to New Years Day is spent with family, friends and even your Special someone.

Growing up I spent it with my family, as a late teenager I tried to drag my friends out and now as a twenty something I have spent every New Year with my Special Someone except this one :0(

To me spending New Years with my Special Someone has always been very special to me no matter what our plans are. Dinner, fireworks on T.V and having Burger King as our first meal the next day became a bit of a tradition, even though it’s not exactly the most exciting thing to some people, I always looked forward to the day every year. I’ve always viewed it as very romantic to be together with your Special Someone for when the count down starts and you are sitting with a glass of bubbley (or juice in my case ;0)) and turning to the one you Love and giving the first HuG and KiSS of the Year!! (big sigh..)

Relationships are one of those things that you could say a million promises and future talks and still not know what could be there round the corner. Knowing that this year we didn’t spend the first day of the year together will be forever on my mind and when next year comes round and our relationship is different, it will sadden me to think that we missed out. Yes, it isn’t exactly positive thinking, it is in fact very negative thinking to think that we as a relationship won’t make it to next year. As I have no idea where my relationship is going future wise as we are not prepared for one together, I have always said to make the most of the time together as there may not be a next time….

Which is why I strongly suggest that you always spend each first day of the new year together with the ones you Love so as  to not regret.

In positive thinking I do hope that you all are enjoying the start of the New Year together with all the people you Love and care about, Friends, Family and Special Someones. Love to you all and Happy New Year.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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