Christmas Love!

Hey Hey!! 😀

Well it’s that time of year again!!

Christmas has always been branded as a family affair but throughout the month of December until the actual day friends, colleagues and even communities would hold events to celebrate together and the actual Christmas day was always left just for family or is it a day for you boyfriend/girlfriend/partner too?

Sometimes it’s hard to know where you stand on this day, you don’t know whether you should accept an invitation from your boyfriend or girlfriend and spend Christmas day with their parents and their family or whether you should spend it with your family like you have always done, something that’s even like a tradition for you. What to do??

I’ve never spent Christmas day with my boyfriend only a Christmas Eve so we could exchange gifts. I have always thought it would be really special if we ever did spend the actual day together but then I realised that our first Christmas would mean so much more when we lived together or when we got married as we would be a real family, not that we aren’t already a family of some sort, well until I have to go home we are;-).

I think that it’s nice to spend time with your potential new family, to get to know them better and share special occasions but it is also nicer to enjoy the different stages of your relationship to the fullest before skipping steps and rushing things. If you are in a relationship and want to spend the holidays together, make your own special day like me and my Special Someone do. We meet, have a meal, exchange gifts and enjoy each others company and sometimes I feel that its better then meeting on the day. So the invitation to “play happy families” at Christmas will be rejected for now until we are ready to make sure we enjoy what we have now and look forward to the next step….

Share Your Thoughts!! 😀

X x x



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