Christmas Presents!

Hey Hey!! 😀

Presents for Loved ones and yep I said Loved ones, this post is about everyone not just the one you are IN Love with 😉

When buying gifts you should keep an open mind and also keep calm! Can’t be stressing, you’ll get yourself all worked up 😛

Once you are nice and calm I will go through the steps I take in gift buying 😀

To start off with I always start as early as possible, mid-end November to just research online, keep an eye out for anything different. When online you don’t need to stick to just store websites, try other shopping sites like Amazon or Ebay. Once you have found a couple of things, bookmark it, put in a file or even email them to yourself, especially if you share a computer. Can’t be having nosy people finding out what you getting;-)

Now you have a collection of things start to mix and match the gifts to the people you would like to buy for. Once you are definite just order it. Yep you heard me, just buy it now before it’s too late!! Many times have I waited too long and they have sold out of the colour, size or even the entire product I wanted. If you change your mind you could always save it for some one else, refund it or sell it online depending on your options.

When you’ve been on practically every website and still have more people to buy for, it’s time to hit the shops. It’s always better to order your online stuff first as post office will get busier the closer you are to Christmas. It’s still ok-ish early December.

At the shops unless you know what you want always check the discount section and gift set/christmas gift sections first sometimes there are some good deals. Also as the days and weeks go by they drop the prices ever further, certain shops already have done. As soon as your online stuff has arrived and you’ve got your store bought gifts go hide them!! Then every so often start wrapping them 😀

Well that’s all the things i’d roughly do at Christmas 😀 Just a little thing for you. When it comes to presents always go for unusual gifts, useful gifts, thoughtful gifts and fun gifts and i’m pretty sure the ideas will start flowing in 😀

Good Luck Christmas shoppers! 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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