Date Night

Hey Hey!!

Since I found a job again meeting up with the boyfriend was bit of a 8718219877_ba9925b3ce_omission. Trying to work out when we were free, how long we were free and even what we had time for, was getting abit much and I longed for the days when we could be impulsive.(incase you don’t know, we don’t live together) I’d be finished with college and he would pick me up for lunch or i’d show up unexpected at his place and we’d spend the day together. Now it’s all about diaries and schedules and fitting our own plans around it and to be honest it feels like less fun.

Making specific plans may not be the most exciting way to do things, but its one of the most important things, especially when your relationships change. To keep things going, relying on impulsiveness will get you nowhere. Once in awhile surprises are nice but only if you are prepared for things to go wrong once or twice. I remember one time I showed up at my boyfriend’s bus stop near to his house and I didn’t want to text to say I was there. My special someone turned up an hour and half later because of the trains so we didn’t manage the surprise meal out or have a chance to talk. I spent 15mins with him and then had to go home. 

Planning  your relationship can be made fun. I found I get to randomly see my Special Someone for random things during the week whereas we would normally organise a day to meet up once a week. Our random “flying” visits have included dropping lucazade off when sick, picking up belongings we need from each others houses, meeting up at the supermarket when doing a random shop and doing each other favours like taking packages to the post office and I have got to say that those 5 to 15mins we spent together meant more to me then an entire day.(not that our days aren’t special)

Just because your relationship has changed because of certain circumstances it doesn’t mean ‘the end’ or that you have problems. Its all about making the most of things and making time for each other inspite of your new busy lives. Just because you aren’t married or have full time jobs, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have ‘date nights’ 😉

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