New Addition!!- It’s a GIRL!


This is what I Imagined our pup looked like as a young one as we received her at the age of one and she was much more adult dog size by then. (please note I have found this picture on google )

Hey Hey!!

Well I may not have a baby but I got something close…. a Furry Princess!!! 😀

Almost a year ago my boyfriend was up late saying he was thinking of getting a dog, I thought he was just sleepy or got bit tipsy after a couple of beers.

Next evening I called up my special someone for our daily chat. He told me that he was now a Daddy to a 1year old puppy!!…..(it’s a GIRL!:-D)

I’m not a fan of dogs, they have always scared me… but i’ve always loved animals.

My boyfriend had sent a photo and seeing this ickle big (<–i know that makes no sense, but if you ever see her you will know) creature fast asleep on the sofa I couldn’t think of any reason of what to be frightened of. The curled up body, the tightly shut eyes and big floppy ears was nothing but cuteness! (thats a word right?;-))

The following day we decided to do some essential doggy shopping. My special someone picked me up with the new addition in the car. I walked up to the car and could see the puppy one standing over my boyfriends lap looking out the window in the driver’s seat and my boyfriends face and hands in a ‘what can I do?’ way, I couldn’t help but smile 😀 Once I got into the front seat she automatically licked near my lip and sat on my lap and that was our first meeting…

I’ve always wanted children but I never thought about how they will effect my relationship. With our new Furry Princess alot of things have changed. There is constant door opening, attention giving, space squeezing (she likes to sit between me and my Special someone), play time, cuddles on laps, licking (&washing hands) and general crazyness. Its different how we used to spend an entire day alone and now only a few hours as we spend time as the three of us together. Its crazy to have the front door open to an over excited dog greeting me and my boyfriend having to get his hello and hug after the little one is done, whereas we would get our hug first.

“Our relationship comes first” like my boyfriend says the Furry Princess is a part of our relationship, an addition, not the relation. Your relationship shouldn’t change because a baby (whether human or animal;-)) comes into it, you and your partner are the foundation, the rest of your relationship is only important if you don’t crumble.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x

P.S. Inspite of all the changes within the last year I wouldn’t change a thing, our Furry Princess is a big part of our lives and always will be. We Love her loads and she is defo one of “the fam!” 😀


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