Working relationship (partners and jobs)

Hey Hey! 😀

I recently found a job after searching for almost two years ( I wasn’t lazy just hard to get a job nowadays. Last job I had I was let go as they couldn’t afford to pay me anymore. Interviews I had were mostly, “well we really liked you but we gave the job to someone else”… makes no sense right? Anyway…) and things are definitely different.

The last job I had me and my other half were both working and our relationship never suffered. Now I have work and my boyfriend doesn’t and it feels like a whole new world. I miss him all the time, I worry when we will next meet and I constantly want to talk to him. Strange no?   

Going to work makes the days seem longer then they are, whereas having lots of free time used to go quick and felt like I had already seen him yesterday as we texted randomly in the day, had a phone call in the evening and met once a week. Now I don’t text during the day unless I actually have something important to say, we still have our call in the evening and our once a week meet feels like a month gap in between :O.

The good thing about not having the same free time all the time is that we now have more time to focus on our individual lives and not be stuck together (well to be honest we never were one of those couples). Going to work has helped me meet more people, talk to different people and go out on my own more. Also I now have money to actually pay for my half when we go out, buy my boyfriend dinner on special occasions and save up for the future, All good good things 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x


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