Lovers Tiff!: The Silent Treatment

36582785_75c28cfbbc_zHey Hey! 😀

More evilness! The silent treatment. Well what can I say, this is one thing that I have personally made my boyfriend experience myself, only for a day 😀 (it may last just the one day but that day has come many times over the years). Bad girl!! you must be thinking but when you think about it, silent treatments can be misunderstood. There could be good intentions and evil intentions. Mine of course are good O:)

In my view and in my own personal experience the number one reason to give someone the silent treatment is being upset. Anger follows next and the last reason is “I want to tell you something but I don’t want to make things worse”. Looking at the reasons I have chosen, all of them are very innocent and human and if not given to the boyfriend/ girlfriend/partner, then it could make them very frustrated, annoyed and even angry. Your intentions are good but not when your other half doesn’t understand, so sometimes (or maybe all the time) it’s not the best answer to be giving the silent treatment in awkward situations.

I have been trying not to do the silent treatment as I know it doesn’t make things better, I have succeeded a few situations but am still working on not being quiet. As always communication is key as well as the need to express yourself and your feelings.
Never keep important things to yourself.

I honestly think the best thing is no silent treatment unless they really deserve it 😉

Share Your Thoughts! 😀 X x x



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