Online Dating!: My experience

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Dating online was something people were really unsure of, even if they were just making friends, but now it’s a bit of a trend to meet your boyfriend or girlfriend online. People have even found the person they marry! :-S (I have attended several weddings where the bride and groom have met off marriage websites, such as

I decided to share with you my experience and thoughts of people on the internet as I gained a lot of experience when I was just 19years old. I’m not going to lie and make it all glamorous, like some kind of “you’ve got mail” movie, as you do need to keep safe. There are some strange people out there…

At the age of 19 I was very sensitive, innocent and naive. My first boyfriend I met on the internet (as friends, then turned in to a relationship) was 5years older then me and very different from me, he enjoyed a drink and used to end up waking in random places with a hang over. His life was unusual and he had quite a hot temper. Not exactly the best material for a first boyfriend but I think it really was an experience for me, to realise that just because someone accepts you and says they like you it doesn’t mean you lose respect for your self, have everything that persons way or even do things without expecting things in return (I know people always say Love unconditionally and Love is self less but in my view it means don’t have high expectations, expecting a thank you after giving someone a lift or getting a present on your birthday when you have got them something too is a given and is completely acceptable. It should be fair and equal. Expect something)

This boyfriend was very secretive about his life and never let me talk to his family properly. We never met halfway, it was always at his house (i should mention we were friends for a few months first and when we met it was in a public place, i would never suggest meeting at their house when you don’t know them properly. Also our friendship was based on fun coversations so I never knew details bout his life)and he would always collect me and take me different routes so I was never able to go to his place on my own as I didn’t know the way. When we were together we would just watch day time telly, I would always ask to go places together but he always said no. At some point during our “relationship” he said he thought we should be friends but never discussed anything properly and never confirmed we weren’t together so I was strung along for two weeks trying to call, message and text and I was ignored. Finally managed to talk and then meet up. He asked for something that I felt wasn’t right in this stage of our relationship so I ended the relationship on the phone, as I didn’t know how to get to his house and was worried about what could happen as he has a hot temper.

The next day of breaking up I tried to get back together and found out he was with someone else. I’m glad I ended it when I did. I did find out other things about this boyfriend which made me think I made the right decision. He wasn’t a good person, he wasn’t right for me and would never respect me or appreciate everything I did for him.

There were other people I dated who never got to the boyfriend stage. There was one person who was always considered my friend and he was always willing to talk to me. He was part of some band’s staff and was always touring so we never got to meet in person. But one day I think it got too much for him that I didn’t realise his true intentions, as he turned around and texted me that he just wanted to have a “physical relationship” and was tired of dealing with my problems. I told him to leave me alone and blocked and deleted his number and any social networks we were on. Was very unexpected and just goes to show sometimes when you see someone as a friend and only a friend it’s kind of hard to notice what the other person may be thinking. I never heard from him again.

Another “friend” actually started off a woman strangely enough. I had started talking on myspace with this girl and she used to talk about this boyfriend of  hers and then one day she got him to add me  there as well and we started talking, he eventually said that he broke up with that girl and said he had another girlfriend and the original girl I was talking to stopped talking to me. After awhile he said the girlfriend had gone off with someone else and was alone. He started telling me that he liked me and wanted to be more then friends. We met up as friends and I showed him around the city where I lived, as he didn’t live close to me. Near the end of the day he asked me for a kiss. I didn’t know what to say to him and it was time to leave, the whole train ride home I didn’t talk to him. I dropped him to his car and then gave in to kissing him as I felt lonely (my first boyfriend and I hadn’t ended more the 6 months before) and I tried to make myself like him as more then a friend. We met a second time but this time at where he lived. After a couple of months he sent an email and told me he was going back to his ex, we stayed friends. I was on msn and ended up speaking to the girlfriend and all the truth came out. She didn’t know anything about what I had told her and what she said to me I had no clue. Turns out he had played the first girlfriend all along and had used all the stories with the second girlfriend. He had stopped using his fake girl account once he got talking to me. He has a strange habit of going around online and pretending to be with girls and he also had a thing for group physical relations. Out of all the people I had known online he was the definitely the strangest.


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