Taken By Love: Faking Love (Not The Physical Kind)

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Relationships most of the time seem to have been all in the name of spontaneity, whirlwind romances and people being swept off their feet in the blink of an eye. One thing that we all seem to think about last is being practical.

In this post I will be discussing forced relationships. By this I don’t mean anything like forced marriages or anything like that, what I mean is making yourself like someone, pretending to Love someone and forcing yourself to accept a relationship just because you feel like you may not find someone else, you feel lonely or you just want a relationship with which ever person walks through the door.

This has happened to me. At some point in my life, my friends were off busy in uni and I was working part time where I wasn’t able to make friends. I’d been on dates before but only one went into a relationship and it didn’t even last that long. I wanted someone to be there for me, who’d appreciate me, support me and would want to be around me all the time and in my head a boyfriend seemed to fit that description.

A lot of people have a type of girl or guy they go for when they are dating… I didn’t. As long as they were nice that’s all that mattered to me, so accepting someone who clearly wasn’t right for me in many ways was easy. But one thing I didn’t realise was that sometimes when you feel desperate for affection and company you might even force it to be something it isn’t, especially on your end.

I started speaking to someone i’m pretty sure didn’t have anything in common with me, they lived far and was said to have come out of a relationship not long before. He wanted to go out with me and when we met up as friends he asked to kiss me and I thought way too much about my answer and in the end I just said yes.

I felt like I was getting what I wanted, someone to talk to everyday, someone to be in relationship with and someone who would be there for me when I needed them but…. I didn’t like them. I made myself feel like I was in Love, that we were boyfriend and girlfriend and that we would have a future when really I didn’t fancy him, I hated that he smelt like smoke and that I could never pinpoint what was good about him.

In the end things changed as his ex came back and yeah, I felt odd but I wasn’t upset and that told me everything I needed to know. The fact that he decided to go back to his previous girlfriend should have been hard for me, but it was easy to move on and I think it was for the best. Maybe it was infatuation, but for one thing it was wrong. Never force yourself to like anyone just because you are lonely, even though we weren’t in a relationship it still doesn’t make it ok. You play with their feelings as well as your own and you will never know true Love if you have to fake it.

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