High School Sweethearts :D

Hey Hey!

In High School it may have seemed the most important thing in the world to have what some would now call a childhood sweetheart (well if you were way past high school)

Through out  my entire High School experience I never had a boyfriend…

… and I lived through it! No big deal what so ever 😀

I actually had my first boyfriend when I was 19years old (no he was not imaginary :D) and starting my first job. Even though that wasn’t my personal decision, I am actually glad I didn’t have a relationship inn high school because of all the experiences I saw around me.

Number 1- Big Distraction!!

My experience- Looking back at the experience I had when I had my first boyfriend even at the age of 19 all I wanted to do was keep calling, texting and meeting up, I thought that person was the centre of my world.

The problem- There’s always going to be a time when you are thinking about them, what they are doing, are they thinking about you etc. and you will find it to concentrate on your studies.

The possible solution- School may not be important to you right now but it will mean more to you when you leave, yes give the boyfriend/girlfriend importance but not over your school work. Learn to juggle!! ;0)

Number 2- Friends or Your Lover

My experience- One friend I had used to spend break time with her boyfriend and lunch with her friends but once she started university she broke up with him so I don’t know if she is the best example.

The problem- As you all know, at school you get a 20min break and an hour lunch (well for most of you) and you may choose to be with your boyfriend/girlfriend for break and lunch or even both as well as to walk home with and at the beginning your friends may view it as being cute but when they realise they hardly see you they will slowly start hating you for it. 

Possible solution- When you start high school you start off making friends and they would have been with you a little while at least before you get yourself a boyfriend/girlfriend and you shouldn’t forget that. This is the part where the juggling your life comes in again but this time with your social life. Try keep everyone happy 😀

Number 3= Gifts!!

My experience- I remember one girl in my Science class spending £40 on a bracelet for her boyfriend’s birthday. Looking back she can’t have been more then 13-14years old. I remember seeing it, it was one of them really chunky silver chain type bracelets, he wore it everyday so I guess it was worth it but within the next couple of months he went off with another girl… :O

The problem- having a boyfriend/girlfriend you will feel like you have to buy things for every occasion that comes round, whether its their birthday, Valentines Day, Christmas etc. and there’s nothing wrong with that but when you are a teenage you kind of want something really out of this world to prove that your boyfriend or girlfriend is the best and that normally means expensive. 

Number 4- Everybody’s Business

My experience- There was one particular girl I remember quite well who was in a few of my classes. She started dating a guy in the 2nd year of high school and then moved through pretty much all the guys within a group of friends. I think I can remember pretty much every guy she went out with and I never understood what was so great about this girl that everyone wanted to date her even though their friends had dated her previously too :S

The problem- This one is pretty obvious, high school is like a very small community village. Everyone knows who everyone is even if they don’t talk to them all, they know what is going on in other peoples lives especially if you are in a relationship. Relationships are the biggest topics of gossip in high school and if you are prepared to have you and your other half talked about, then Good Luck! 

Number 5- Short term and On and off

My experience- The last two years of high school was like some sort of love fest. People were opening up to each other about fancying each other and Loving each other all because prom was coming up. Some couples made it to prom but broke up after and others broke up before prom came. All these relationships hyped up really quick and then ended almost as soon as they had begun. There were also some people who used to break up and get back together every time a fight came round or when they were lonely.

The problem- Having relationships in high school means you will have to deal with them being very short lived or deal with heartbreak every time you have a fight and break up.  That ones a mystery!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

X x x

P.S The reason I haven’t put up solutions is because I’m hoping you will work it out but If you would like the solutions to what I have put above let me know:D Any excuse for another post ;0)

P.P.S the High School Musical picture… well I have no explanation for but figured I’m talking about high school and musicals always make things better:D


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