Taken By Love: BiG Age Difference In Love Partners

My Little Bride South Korean Film

My Little Bride South Korean Film

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Relationships most of the time seem to have been all in the name of spontaneity, whirlwind romances and people being swept off their feet in a blink of an eye. One thing that we all seem to think about last is being practical.

Some people think it is wrong and even un-natural to form relationship with someone who isn’t of close age to them, whereas others like the idea that someone is more immature or more experienced in life, so would prefer to be in a relationship that has a large age gap.

In my view I would never choose to be with someone a lot older or a lot younger then me. As a teenager I wasn’t comfortable with the idea of being romantically involved with anyone over five years or even a year younger then me. Just felt wrong, but sometimes “Love” isn’t always in your hands, even if you say it may never happen to you or it isn’t something you would consider, sometimes it’s not even your choice…

Let’s talk about my experiences . Lets start with big age differences that are younger then me. Well there isn’t any. Just one person I went out with and they were two years younger. Not a lot I know, but I wasn’t as comfortable as I thought. I kind of “mother-ed” my date. I was wiping food off his face at lunch, asking if he needs the loo before we leave, buttoning up his coat, holding my hand in front of him to stop him crossing the road til I say and trying to pay for stuff. May not be that mother-ry but It didn’t feel normal ;0) hehe.  Sad to say I did not meet with that person again although a year later he did wonder why we never managed a second date.

Now for the big stuff. The big age differences with someone older then me. I was in my late teens early twenties and (I am not entirely sure) I met someone who was 35 and what a strange one he was. The experience wasn’t a pleasant one to be honest and I definitely will be talking about this person, as he does link to a few things that I talked previously about and what I may speak about in future ,so maybe he will get his very own post ;0) But for this post I will tell you a little bit. This person was kind of my online friend and I used to get the idea that he liked me as someone to date. We didn’t live very close so only met a handful of times. He seemed normal enough at the beginning and I did used to think he was good fun to talk to although I never viewed him as more then a friend.  

The relationship I am in now includes someone who has nineteen years on me but we get on really well, have some things in common and enjoy each others company. This relationship was unexpected and was a big risk, as along the line things may change, as when we met I was in my early 20s and still working out things in my life but my special someone had learned to live his own life so conflicts would have risen eventually.

In our relationship there was problems at the beginning but after a year or so once we had worked each other out we were at our happiest. We learnt as I’m sure you remember, in my previous posts that communication is very important and we have tried to keep that in mind for the present and for the future. With my special someone I was never embarrassed to be with them in public and I never really saw the difference in age when we talked and went out and I honestly think that is a good thing. To this day we have never had an argument and we will soon be celebrating five years together. If I had to choose someone to Love, in spite of the age gap I would still pick this person again, but even though it wasn’t something I had control over I have no regrets and I fully intend to enjoy this relationship as long it lasts 😀

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