Online Dating!: Meeting People Online Offline

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Safety first!!:D

I have already talked about online dating before in a previous blog post but this post is along the lines of actually meeting up with people. To see previous blog post which is about online safety tips, please click the link below 😀 :

Meeting people online can be fun and exciting but you do need to be careful. I have put a link below of one of my previous posts which includes my safety tips on meeting people. below:-)

If you have been talking with someone online for awhile about your interests, hobbies or even your daily activities and you now feel you are ready to take the next step….meeting in person.

More serious stuff I’m afraid. For this post I think I will try and bring you into reality here. The reason I am trying to give you so many safety things is because if you do ever decide to meet up with someone there may be some “surprises”, especially if you have met up on a regular social networking site instead of a dating one, not to say there aren’t odd people on the dating ones. Be prepared for anything. The person you are meeting may not even be what you think, they may have lied to you about their relationship status, what they do for a living or even their gender. The worldwide web is a place where people like to fantasize and be a whole different person to who they really are and I’m sure you will want to know the real them.

When you are to your meeting place and it turns out they aren’t who they say they are just leave. Leave them a message saying some thing has come up and go home. The old phone call after half hour or hour is one thing that comes in handy. Get a friend to give you a call to give you a chance to leave if you need to. If you are quite happy don’t answer the phone and then let your friend know later that you are ok.

Some people may force decisions on you or make you do things you don’t want to do. I had someone who kept insisting I meet them at their house instead of meeting half way at a restaurant, in the end I just stopped talking to that person all together you should never feel like you have to do what people ask of you, stick to what you feel comfortable (along the lines of the safety tips I have given you as well :0p) You are your own person and I’m sure you can all make good decisions for yourself and look out for your own safety.

Lets talk about some good stuff now 😀

Meeting up with someone you like from the internet can be quite exciting. It’s even more exciting to see them in the flesh sitting right across the table from you. Make the most of meeting them, I always think restaurants are the best way to go so you can get a chance to really get to know each other. You can find out how much you have in common, you could find out how much you like them and even a find new place or activity you wouldn’t have experienced otherwise with your own circle of friends. Whatever happens GOOD LUCK! 😀

Please note: I am not encouraging you to go out and meet up with strangers online but I am trying to guide you if you do make the choice to, whether it’s making friends or going out on dates. Use your common sense, be careful and most importantly have fun. 

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