Online Dating!: Safety Tips :D

Hey Hey! 😀

I decided to do you another one of them lists ;op

This one is related to the internet and meeting people and stuff…:O

Ok, we all have the internet and use it everyday and I’m sure at some point we have talked to people we don’t know.. as friends or even as !!! a dating person. So it’s important to read the following to be careful and safe from the may be dodgy people that lurk the world wide web.

Please Note :I’m sorry if some of them are pretty obvious but believe me, in the heat of discussion people do forget. The dodgiest of people are quite clever in luring you in to your comfort zone to reveal everything that’s quite personal to you. Also I’m only able to put up 10 to make this post at a non boring length :op

1. Don’t give your full name!

You will be surprised how much people can find with a full name

2. Don’t give your address…

By this I mean your home address 😀

3. Don’t give your home phone number

If you’ve had those cold callers or prank calls you will understand what I mean when I say this. Best to not go there even if you have caller ID.

4. Don’t reveal your exact location

This may sound silly to when you think “oh they can’t possibly find me as my name is pretty common” again you maybe surprised what people can do. They have all the time in the world. If you have to say anything just say for example I live in the UK. Don’t reveal more then they need to know.

5. Keep your family out of your conversations

Even if you think you are just letting your frustrations out by speaking about how mean your big sister is, you may be revealing more then you should.

6. Be Alert!

This may not make sense but just be aware of everything you are being asked. Don’t reveal anymore then they need to know. Especially if you have never met them in person or been talking to them for very long.

7. Don’t send pictures of yourself

This may sound obvious but again people do forget. If you are on a website or chat thing a profile picture should be available if they want to see your face or direct them to a social network website your are on. Don’t hand out photo’s of yourself especially ones you may be ashamed of later. 

8.Always report or block people if you no longer want contact

This is when you are uncomfortable or feeling like someone is bothering you, always report them or block them. I remember one website had a pest button. It was a list of all the people I didn’t want contacting me and if there was enough people pest-ing them they would remove them off the website. Don’t think that you just have to accept it.

9. Be careful with what contacts you give

By this I mean don’t give all the social networking  you are on and all the email addresses you use. Always best to limit to one or two such as Fb and you personal email address. When things go wrong it’s very difficult to stop people contacting you when they have so many ways to.

10. Never get money involved

I know this sounds strange but people do think they are helping and send money to strangers. The only person who loses out is you. Ditto the other way around, don’t take out loans.

Lastly I am not encouraging you to go out there and meet people online whether it is just talking online or meeting them in person. I’m just trying to make sure that if you are talking to people online to keep the above in mind. Please keep safe, be careful and most importantly have fun. There are many other safety tips out there that will make this post way too long, so just use your common sense and I’m sure you will be ok 😀 I will definitely have another post on this subject so look out for that one.

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