Are you ready for a relationship?

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I have talked a lot about relationships new and old but I haven’t talked about whether we are even ready for one. When I first started dating and being in an exclusive relationship, I don’t think I was actually ready for a relationship. It all comes down to the old saying of ” You need to Love yourself before you can Love others”.

For this post I decided to put down a bunch of random questions for you to answer 😀
Fun no? ;0)

1.Can you lead a happy single life? (yes I do mean not being in a couple :D)

2.Have you got rid of any previous relationship baggage? (e.g. do you still think about your ex? Are you forcing yourself to move on?) 

3.Do you know how to keep your own separate life? (by this I mean can you spend time doing your stuff with out needing your boyfriend/girlfriend to be there with you)

4.Are you capable of  trusting someone completely?

5.Do you have time for a relationship?

6.When dating do you try to portray yourself in a way you think men or women might like? (e.g. doll up when you are normally pretty casual? make it look like you love sports when really you hate it?)

7.Do you need someone to be your hero? (Have someone to sort your life out or fix your issues such as insecurities)

8.Do you feel like you need to look after someone? (do you go for guys/girls that have their own issues that you want to help them with?)

9.Do you think a relationship can complete you? (do you think a relationship can better your life?)

 If you have answered yes for the first 5 and no for questions 6- 9 then I would say you have a pretty good chance of giving it a go 😀

Hopefully I have helped out a little bit and got you thinking whether or not you should get in to a relationship just yet. For those of you that have come to the conclusion that you are, Yay! and Good Luck 😀 and for those that have found out they aren’t, well, don’t worry too much you will get there soon, even if you’re three-quarters of the way ready, that is still good enough ;0)

Please note I am no expert and these questions are just my thoughts and opinions on what I would say is the way to go to be ready for a relationship. I will also have another post to explain stuff in more detail 😀

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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