Dealing with the After Date Stuff

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First dates, well I’ve had a few, which pretty much stayed as the one and only first date, but it doesn’t always have to mean a bad thing.

One thing I definitely learned, was that they really shouldn’t be seen as such a serious thing. I always took every single first seriously taking it in as almost a life changing decision, a marriage proposal and even a one and only chance to be with someone. How very wrong I was.

When you meet someone new in the form of a date don’t view it as one, just view it as meeting a new friend. All you’ve done so far is liked their appearance or felt like they gave a good impression of themselves. That doesn’t mean you need to follow a bunch of rules and try and get them to be your boyfriend or girlfriend, as you haven’t got a chance to find out if you really have a connection and that may not happen on the first date.

Some people view it as a bad rejection if they go on a date and there is no chance of a kiss or a second date or even interest then being more then friends. It’s important to look at things differently. You met someone new you had a good time 😀 (well hopefully you should have had fun 😉 )

Now for the awkward stuff or the crazy ideas. Should I call them or should I wait for them to call. Mind games and play by the rules dates are a bit surreal they don’t always work for everyone. I’m sure we have all read books where the heroine has a group of friends, one does everything she can to pick up a guy, one does the whole “treat them mean keep them keen” type of thing but when they try out each others ideas it just doesn’t seem to work them same way…..

In my view it’s best to just do what you want. If you feel like this person can’t be viewed as more then a friend then let them know, “I had a great time, but I think we would have more fun being friends” or if you can see yourself dating them, again let them know, “It was nice meeting you, I would like to go out again” or if you really don’t think this person is someone you can be friends with or even date then well I’ll just leave that one to you ;0) 

I don’t think there is anything that is too soon to talk about or do and I don’t think there is anything that will make you look desperate. Don’t take things too seriously but if they feel like they are then don’t hold back. Be honest and open because in the end it will be you that loses out, maybe even have regrets because you followed a friend’s dating rules . I will now attach a little video to maybe illustrate my point in the form of the Sims and Avril Lavigne :D:D Well even if it doesn’t I still like this video and song :0P

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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