Special Someones Birthday!!

Hey Hey!!

It’s that time of year again 😀 

Birthdays! You either Love them or hate them. But when it’s a special persons you will always Love them.  

My Special One’s Special Day is on its way and its time to start thinking about what to do and give. As I was thinking about this I thought I would share some of my ideas with you.


Cards are usually thought to be the easiest things to buy for a birthday compared to the present, but when it comes to that special someone, you may need to stand alittle longer at the card shop to find the perfect card.

I’ve always got my cards online, I think it looks nice when a card is all in print 😀  Having it personalised with their name/nickname on the front and having a very looong personal essay just for them inside 😀

These are the websites I have used before:


Zazzle is quite good for making a card completely from scratch. I have enjoyed picking out a particular cover and message to put on my card. 


Moonpig has lots of different cards that you can personalise the front of and add your personal message inside.

Another idea I think is a really nice is to be a little bit creative and make your own card.  This is a cheap but very thoughtful and sweet way of putting your birthday wishes and personal messages in. The best thing is that you can make it out of whatever you want and put what ever you want on it and in it.


Everyone thinks presents are very hard to buy, especially for certain people. But I like to think that anything goes and as long as you know that they will like it and you have put thought and effort in, it’s all good good 😀

In the past I’ve tried to make my presents and they have normally gone down well. The effort that goes into them is always appreciated. If you have any skills or talents use them in a gift.Handmade gifts are a nice touch to any birthday no matter the age. I might think about trying to make something again.

Sometimes birthdays are an opportunity to be romantic, I’m not sure if I will go down that route as I’m not sure I’ve done it before but it seems like a sweet thing to do. Maybe use flowers and food… something to think about maybe. 

There is also an opportunity to be random which I have done many times before and that is getting something that has no meaning at all. A rubber chicken is something I have actually received and even though it has no sentimental value I carry it with me where ever I go ;0)

When you really are clueless just getting a gift with their name on it seems to work pretty good.


Getting personal I’ve used a couple of times before and again like I said, names on stuff, everyone likes that right?! 😀

What to do?

Sometimes the rest of the day needs something to make it a bit more special. Maybe go the traditional birthday route and buy a cake and balloons and yes I have done that before and no matter the age it always brings a smile to their face maybe even a tear or  two ;0) 

Share your thoughts!

X x x


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