4 Parts of Making or Being in a Friendship

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I thought I would talk about a different type of relationship for this post.

In my opinion friendship requires more then just existing in someone’s life.

 The Four things of making or being in a Friendship (in my view)

Number 1 is Trust:

Making a Friendship: If you can’t trust someone then your friendship will be short lived. Usually your gut feeling when meeting people will tell you more about them in that one second then an hour of conversation. So Trust your gut and go with it!!

Being in a Friendship: Hopefully you’ve been with them long enough to know who’s the gossip and who will keep their lips sealed to the grave. Always tell the chattiest of the lot your personal stuff last, to avoid embarrassing or awkward situations, where you want to kill them (or your yourself!) unless its something really exciting and you want the whole world to know then spill all!

Always share things with your friends and keep their secrets to yourself or no one will tell you anything again!! and remember its give and take if you don’t trust your private stuff with them, chances are they wont want you to know anything either! :O

The second Number 1 ;0) Communication:

Making a Friendship: This one is vital for all relationships! If you aren’t speaking then what’s the point? Its important to take an interest in your new friends lives so text, call and have face to face conversations. One of the best things about this is that you get to talk all about you! 😀 just make sure to let them get a word in too!

Being in a Friendship: Hopefully you know each other inside and out and are comfortable being yourself. But remember just because they know you, doesn’t mean they can read your mind ,so if you got a problem Tell THEM! they will appreciate the feed back and if they are good enough friends they will be flexible and make things all good again 😀

Busy lives! Everyone has them, but just because you have friendships with people, doesn’t mean they’re still going to be there when you hardly make time for them, there is only so much of being understanding people can do. No matter how busy you think you are, everyone can find time to communicate, especially in this day and age with all this technology it can happen in seconds! Amazing! So do it, communicate regularly whether its an email once a month, a call once a week or a text every day. Maintenance counts.

Making an Effort:

Friendship is a two way street! No point if one person does everything and you just play the waiting game for organised meets and your phone to ring. Eventually this friend will get annoyed and will soon give up with you. If you put yourself in their shoes where everyone relies on you to do everything, only then will you realise it isn’t fair.
So make an effort to organise things once in a while, the best thing about this, is that you get to decide where to go and what to do 😀 Whatever you decide just make sure it’s how you would want them to treat you.

Being their Support(and them being yours):

Everyone needs support sometimes, whether they think they do or not. Bad times or good times it’s nice when someone is there during both. I don’t think it’s fair for people to be there for the fin stuff and celebrate with you but disappear as soon as you shed a tear. I’m sure you will agree that isn’t much of a friend. Be the best friend ever and be their support, listen, give advice and be that shoulder to cry on when things are bad for them, as that is just as important then being there for the fun stuff. Some people, strange as they maybe, may get the odd idea that they don’t need support so awkward as you think it could be, just ask for it or take it! 😀 Hug them, cry in front of them and ask to be cheered up and I’m sure they will come through. Being support for the Happy stuff well I’m sure we all know what to do for that ;0)

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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