First Kisses With Someone New

Hey Hey! 😀

I talked about first kisses in one of my previous posts and now this is first kisses with new people. I found out something weird about new people…. they aren’t the same!

 Some peoples relationships last for years and some change with the seasons, so at some point you will be with some one new and experience your first kiss together, not your first one ever alone in the relationship (Hopefully that makes sense :D)

You’re different!

Like I mentioned before everyone kisses different. If the person you first kissed isn’t around anymore and you have now started a different relationship, well expect things to be new again. Comparing those two people they will have very different kissing styles. One could stick to just the top lip and the other could alternate from both, one could go slow, one could be fast, one could be more dry and sadly the other could be drooly!!! :S

What to do?

Adjust! 😀 it isn’t as hard as it sounds. Some how naturally either your kissing style or the other persons or a mix of both will be what you both end up doing when you kiss.

French Kiss!

I’m pretty sure everyone knows what this one is. If you don’t well, here’s a link 😀

What to do?

After many years I still don’t know if its going right but I’m not getting complaints so all I’m goings to say here is just go with what feels right and do expect a bit of saliva to be getting all round your mouth. Also if you aren’t ready for this then don’t do it, this is considered to be a more passionate kiss and may lead to things you may not want or are ready for, so only when you are ready ok? :0P

Again I am no expert and I am just sharing my thoughts and experiences with you. Hopefully they are helpful 😀

Share your thoughts!


X x x


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