Accepting Change in Your Relationship

Hey Hey! 😀

This post is all about changes.

Change will always come up in your relationships. Sometimes it’s hard but you need to find a way to be ok with it.

The things I try to remember is that my partner’s happiness means more to me then my own, and if there are certain things they need or want to do or they have certain life changing decisions to make, I need to support that (even if I don’t want to!)

The first step is to put yourself in their shoes. Figure out why these changes are happening. If its a change due to your partner then its best to speak to them about what the change is and why it is happening. Communication is very important and it’s the only way for you to keep-calm-because-everything-changes- do anything about it. Once you have understood what is going on whether your partner wants to take a job in New York or have a Sex Change you need to think about how you feel about it and what will happen to your relation. Sometimes keep-calm-because-everything-changes-thing your partner may or may not have thought about as they are trying to find their own happiness. You will need to look at what options you have to make the best of it, making sure you make a joint decision in the end, as it can cause a relationship to get very sour when people make sacrifices.

An example of such a change:

A job in New York for someone in London is a big deal and a huge opportunity. Your partner wouldn’t want to pass up on but then there is you. You are happy for you partner and know that they will take the job but you are un sure of what will become of your relationship. You have your life in London, your work, your family and your friends and may not want to give all that up to support your partners work.

You need to decide on three very different choices.

(A) Be supportive and leave your life behind to go to New York with your partner, after all its a big opportunity and you Love you partner and want to be there for them.

(B) Decide that your own life in London is very important to you and that you will need to end the relationship so that your partner can fulfil their dreams and you yours doing what you both Love apart.

(C) Try and do long distance, after all there is all this modern technology to communicate with and you can always visit during the holidays, while still having your life in London and your partner’s in New York.

What would you choose? There isn’t really much control on your part. Its a difficult decision to make but you need to accept what is happening and you need to decide.

To be honest I think this is a horrible situation and I actually thought it up :S

I hope none of you end up with something like this, I pray your relationships be happy for as long as you live :D:D:D as I honestly wouldn’t be able to make a decision like this but then again I can’t even decide on lunch ;0)

Changes are big things in relationships and my advice to any of you going through changes within your relationship is to try and stay strong and do what you think is best for both you and your partner. Even if it means going separate ways because sometimes we both want different things and we may need to do those things with out each other.

Share Your Thoughts! 😀

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