Dealing With Your First Kiss Ever! MWAH!

Hey Hey!:D

BiG MWAH!! That’s from me to you :0)7350853028_efc449c220_o

There is nothing like a first kiss, for some it may be the most embarrassing moment in your entire life or it could be one of the very best!

I really am no expert in this subject but I thought it would be extremely helpful to share my thoughts and experiences with you, and hopefully make you feel better about this topic ,especially if you are in a group of friends like I was who thought it was gross to talk about kissing.

Big Deal Kisses! 😀

One thing to remember is that everyone views kisses differently. Some people view them as fun first experiences where they go with the flow and not worry too much about it or like me, you thought it would be one of the most magical and important firsts you would experience, with a specific person, in a certain place at a certain time, unfortunately for me it didn’t exactly happen that way….

I was a little disappointed that I missed mine and didn’t get the opportunity to fully absorb what happened, especially since I wasn’t even ready :0S but just remember it isn’t the end of the world. Seriously, there are still many more firsts you can have. (I’m sorry if it still doesn’t help so… here’s a HUG!! :D)

What to do?

If you are anything like me and would want to at least try and have a good memory of your first kiss (sadly I didn’t get the opportunity :0( < Drama Queen!) you could always let your partner know that it is a big deal to you especially if your partner doesn’t view it the same way. If you explain how you feel about it, especially if you don’t feel ready, its ok to just let them know that when they want to give it a go, just to ask you if its ok first. (I know that sounds extremely weird but some people like to be asked beforehand) 


You are always going to feel bit nervous with everything you do, you’re sweating, you’re heart is beating like crazy and for some reason you’ve lost the ability to speak fluently. It is natural and very normal for that to happen, its a rush of excitement and fear and it’s one of the best feelings in the world. Enjoy that moment. 

I was really nervous, to be honest I didn’t even want to do it because I was so nervous, I went as far as moving my head back and waving my arms about. I wasn’t comfortable and I knew it…I got over my nerves eventually, the trick isto keep yours eyes shut…. Shhhh! ;0)

What to do?

Close your eyes. for some reason seeing things makes you feel scared but when you shut out the other person you are just focusing on what you are feeling and that is more easier to deal with. Going slow is a good idea too, don’t move on to anything fancy or rush it because it could signal something else to the other person. Slow is fine.


Ok you got past your fear and nerves and are about to make your move (or have someone make their move on you but you have no idea what you are doing! 

I honestly thought that it would come naturally but it didn’t. At first I just stood there with lips attached and then I was doing fish lip moves :S Oh dear!

What to do?

Hmm well honestly there wasn’t much I could do but sort of learn from the other person as it was their first with me but not their first one ever. If you both haven’t done it then I guess you’ll have to learn together what feels right to you both. One thing to remember is that it isn’t as embarrassing as you think, if you want to kiss someone you going to have to learn and why not with the person you want to do it with? Nothing wrong in laughing about it together!

Was it good or bad?!

The odd thing with kissing is that there isn’t really such a thing as a bad or good kisser, it may seem like you were bad on your end but the other person may have enjoyed it. It can even go the other way too, you could think it was good but the other person may not have liked it and honestly it’s ok. It could mean you haven’t made a connection with that person and there isn’t really any chemistry.

I knew I probably was bad but I didn’t it bother me I knew it was some thing I would need to learn. The other person didn’t say anything and I didn’t ask any questions about it in case I didn’t like the answer. But its all good :0)

What to do?

Don’t over think it and do it your way, what feels right for you. Don’t try to copy from movies or T.V because you might think you can see what they are doing but when you put into practice it could go horribly wrong. Get your own kissing style, whatever feels good to you 😀

Whether or not you remember hearing about this but this is an example that things may not always go to plan and that it may be embarrassing but it’s still ok 😀

One last little thought. Yes in some ways it is a big deal but it is also meant to be fun. Just relax and do what feels right to you, I’m sure the other person will be understanding 😀

Share your thoughts! 😀


X x x


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