Saying I Love YOU!

Hey Hey! ūüėÄ



Now we getting to the nice sweet stuff after all the bad things I have been posting hehe

I’m sure we have all come to a point in our relationship where we wonder about saying those three special words, whether we are actually feeling Love for this special person, whether that person feels the same about you or even whether its the right moment to be saying them.

The first time I said I Love You was after 6months of being in a relationship, it was at a random but romantic time, just was really awkward after and I wanted to run away. I was even a bit tearful, I wasn’t crying, tears just poured out on its own! :0S I guess I felt bit vulnerable having never said it before but it was fine once we got passed it :0)

Two things to think about ūüėÄ

One thing you should do is think about what you are actually feeling, many people confuse the feeling of Love with lust, devotion and even obsession. What tends to help is to¬†look up definitions or ask other people about their experiences to find similarities in what you are feeling for this special person.¬†You don’t want to be in an embarrassing situation later after understanding your feeling wrong. It’s worth it to take the time to¬†make sure you are right. After all there is no time limit to say it within.

The other thing is to really sit and think, of why you think you Love this person. Genuine reasons why you Love them. Many people force there minds to Love someone just for convenience or lifestyle, so its best to have proper reasons for why you like this person before you make anything concrete.

You really need to make sure¬† of what you are feeling because many people after they have told some one they Love them, have then¬†turn around and said they don’t Love them anymore. There is nothing worse then hearing someone you’ve Loved for so long say that after years of being together or even being married that their feelings for you¬† have now changed.

When you have decided that you are well and truly in Love (Yay! for you :D) and are ready to share that with the world, try not to over think it. It’s not a proposal you¬†are giving¬†unless you aren’t already in a relationship. If you are in a relationship then it really doesn’t matter where you are¬†in your relationship, where you¬†are or even¬†when you say it, be impulsive when you feel it just go for it. How you say it will be remembered more. Keep it simple and sweet, if you are too nervous and don’t know what to say.

However if you aren’t in a relationship and have felt the impulsive Love at first sight or gradual Love from friendship then you may want to make a slightly bigger deal of it, I mean you are basically asking them to be your girlfriend or boyfriend in a committed relationship and that’s a big deal! ;0). The most important thing I’m going to say is try not to freak that person out. Be sweet, be charming but don’t be too forward or assume it’s ok to say or do anything more unless you get clear signs from them.

One last reminder these three words may be more powerful then you realise, they could break peoples hearts and ruin peoples lives if not used properly. I’m sure you all will be careful, after all you should never say it unless you really mean it! ;0)

X x x


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