Learn to Budget on Love!

Hey Hey! 😀

 I’ve made you guys another list, just for you! :0)

Going on dates does cost a bit but it doesn’t mean you can’t go any where or do anything nice or even gift anything with out spending tons of money.

It’s all about being together spending quality time, the place and how much you spend should mean  nothing.

Most of these may be for couples who’ve been together a while.

Going out!14219917984_75e25eb7c2_o

  • Go for walks in the park and maybe sit and have a picnic.
  • Have a meal out with a two for one voucher
  • Go to a café’ or pub for a drink or two instead of a full on meal out
  • Go to a museum, art gallery or historic building
  • Window shopping! (Shopping doesn’t always have to mean buying)
  • This one may be a little strange but sometimes its fun to learn other cultures by visiting a religious building. If you are a multicultural couple you can introduce your religion to your partner. Many religious places welcome everyone.

Stay in!2406572089_7f7cc1f970_o

  • Dig out your DVD collection or if you still have them your old videos and have a movie marathon or If you are both into a certain series you can watch your favourite episodes together
  • Have a good old chat!
  • Cuddle! ;0)
  • If you have any pets its fun to involve your time with them together. Play with them, train them and cuddle them, be a little old family ;0)
  • If you still own any board games sometimes its a good thing to get out your competitive side and find out if your partner is a sore loser or a bad winner!
  • Cook or bake. There is nothing like creating something where the end product is both your team work and effort especially if you get to eat it after 😀

Gifts! 😀

  • If it is only a small occasion like a weekiversary or monthiversary you could always make a card for your partner, make it personal with photos and nicknames
  • Love vouchers in a pretty box with little coupons that say things like a candle light dinner, your choice of movie night or even a massage!! ;0) (don’t forget the expiration dates)
  • make a mood board of all the photos of you together within that year, places you’ve been, gifts you’ve been given and anything else connected to your relationship.
  • Cook their favourite meal in a full three course dinner and be their waiter for the day, maybe even look the part yourself and have a restaurant theme dining room too;0)
  • If you have any sort of talent, whether you can sing dance or do magic tricks, perform them like a show to your partner, don’t forget to dress up I’m sure they will love it, especially if you include them in it in someway.
  • Spa day! Make a salon in your own home, include facials, massages and maybe even a pedicure!
  • Give flowers, even men would like them! 😀 Their exact words would be “Noones ever bought me flowers before!”
  • If all else fails you could just wrap yourself in a giant bow and present yourself as a gift! ;0) (After all nothing is more special then you!)

If you have any more ideas then share your thoughts! 😀

X x x


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