10 Ways to Maintain Your Love!

Hey Hey!!! 😀

First up for my blog’s first post I am just going to just list a bunch of nicenice stuff that I think we should all do for our Special Someone 😀

Just so you know they aren’t in any particular order, I just thought it would be nice to number them so it looks all organised and stuffs :D:D:DNumber One

Always say I Love You when ever you can and mean it, If you aren’t at that stage quite yet then always let them know you appreciate them everyday.

Number Two.

Communication is KEY! Always talk about general stuff as well as personal stuff it will really bring you both together to have similar opinions or disagreements.

Number Three.

Be as understanding as you can even if you really don’t understand

Number Four.

Do nice things for them just because it’s nice. Random gifts, unexpected visits etc.

Number Five.

Ask to come to random/ important to them things even though you don’t think you should e.g. Doctors appointment, work do, mums birthday

Number Six.

Don’t over react to their anger, sometimes there is a hidden feeling or reason behind it, and you trying to match the temper can only inflame it.

Number Seven.

Compliment them whenever you can, if they look good, tell them, if you are proud of them, tell them, you get the idea ;0)

Number Eight

BiG BiG HuGGYs!!!! 😀 Always always have lots of Hugs and Cuddles they actually do more good then you think

Number Nine

Hold hands. Where ever you go, when you are out it’s a sweet thing to link arms and hold hands just shows a bit of subtle affection.

Number 10

Don’t forget the little things that make all the difference!

Share Your Thoughts! 😀
X x x

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